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Dwelling Coverage This typically provides protection for a covered sudden and accidental direct, physical loss to the dwelling, including attached structures.

Other Structures Protection This typically provides protection for a covered sudden and accidental direct, physical loss to a structure that is not physically attached to the dwelling, such as a fence, barn, storage shed, unattached garage, in-ground/concrete pool, or gazebo, to name a few examples.

Personal Property Protection This typically provides protection against covered loss to your movable property like a stereo, bicycle, furniture or clothing. Allstate will only provide protection for losses that are named in the policy.

Personal Liability This typically provides protection for covered damages an insured person becomes legally obligated to pay because of accidental bodily injury or property damage to a third person.

Loss of Use Pays any increase in living expenses required to maintain the household�s normal standard of living when an insured residence is rendered uninhabitable due to a covered loss until the repairs are completed or the household is relocated to another permanent residence.

Medical Payments This typically provides coverage for covered reasonable and necessary medical expenses incurred when a third party sustains bodily injury while on your insured premises, or off these premises under specified circumstances.

All-Peril Deductible This is a stated dollar amount that you choose to deduct losses paid on the policy coverages. For example, a $100 deductible applied to a $500 loss would result in reimbursement to you of $400. "All Peril" applies to most risks covered by the policy. Other coverages may apply a separate deductible for certain risks. In some cases, you may have two deductibles - the All-Peril Deductible of your choice and a specific coverage deductible.

Estimated Replacement Value For purposes of determining an appropriate Dwelling Protection Coverage Limit, Replacement Cost is: the cost to construct or replace, at one time, an entire building of equal quality and utility. The value of the land is not part of this valuation process.

Estimated Market Value This is the approximate current price for which your home could be sold.

Total Square Footage You can obtain your total square footage by multiplying your home's footage length by the footage width. Measurement can be taken from the exterior of the home at ground level. For example, measure one side of your home and then measure across the front of your home. Then multiply the number of feet from the side by the number of feet across the front. If the home has a second story or more, then use the same procedure to add the square footage for each story to the total square footage. The square footage of a basement is not included in the total. This figure is used to help determine the cost of reconstruction for your home.

Construction Type The building material type that comprises 2/3 or more of your house

Frame-wood, metal, plastic or aluminum
This is frame construction using wood, metal, plastic or aluminum material.

Brick, stone or masonry
This is construction using solid brick, stone or masonry.

Modular or pre-fab
This includes units of construction which are prefabricated and can be fitted together with a minimum of adjustments. Modular units include complete window walls and wall panels. Units are usually designed in such a way that they will fit functionally into a variety of dwelling sizes and plan types.

Brick Veneer
This is a facing of brick, stone or masonry laid against the frame.

Fire Resistive
This is a building with all exterior walls, floors, roof and interior supports of brick or other non-combustible materials.

This is construction using logs

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